Don't Get Lost!

Listen up Baton Rouge crowd... these are the directions. Anyone coming from Baton Rouge or New Orleans should go from I-10 to 3-10 to Hwy 90 west. Go 18 miles westbound and exit on Hwy 308 heading south. The sign says Grand Isle, follow 308 south to Larose, there are many options from Larose. Hwy 308, Hwy 1, and Hwy 3235 all run parrallel heading south. Hwy 3235 is four lanes with the fastest moving traffic. Hwy 308 is two lanes and moves good, but dead ends in Golden Meadow, there are several bridges to cross over to Hwy 1.  Hwy 1 is the road that ends up in going all the way to Fourchon and Grand Isle, but it has the most traffic, so you can take the scenic route and stay on Hwy 1 with no turns to worry about, most people prefer to get on Hwy 3235 at Larose and follow it through Golden Meadow until it merges back to Hwy 1. To do this you should cross over to Hwy 1 above Larose, you can access Hwy 3235 from Hwy 24, which starts under the intracoastal brige on the south side, if thats  to confusing you can access hwy 3235 from Hwy 657 a few blocks south of the intracoastal bridge on Hwy 1. If you miss either of these turns you can continue south on Hwy 1 for a few miles, about 3 miles south of the Mcdonald's you can access again by turning right at the red light next to Jacks Exxon. If you misss this one you can go a few more miles and turn right at the red light at the Galliano bridge next to Tobacco Plus gas station. If you miss this, just stay on Hwy 1 for the scenic ride.  Continue south on Hwy 1 below Golden Meadow, go through Leeville still heading south.  There is a caution light at the intersection of Hwy 1 and Hwy 3090 at Fourchon, turn right on Hwy 3090, go about 500 yards to the Lafourche Parish Port Commission Building (police station) and turn right on Floatation Canal Rd. Our boats and facility is directly behind behind the police station to the right.